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Television and Video

Dylan in bouncer"New Documentary About Military Families Featured at Oceanside Film Festival" -- Local evening news piece on the opening of the Oceanside International Film Festival and its screening of Flat Daddy. Fox 5 News San Diego, 8-16-12.

"Flat Daddy, a documentary about military families" -- Live interview with Director Nara Garber for local news morning show piece on Flat Daddy's screening at the Oceanside International Film Festival. KUSI News San Diego, 8-16-12

"Sign off - Montclair Film Festival" -- Stephen Colbert plugs Flat Daddy and the 2012 Montclair Film Festival. The Colbert Report, Comedy Central, 4-26-12

"Flat Daddy Premiere at DOC NYC 2011" -- Excerpts from the Q&A with the directors and members of three of the four families featured in the film, following its festival premiere on November 6, 2011

"Flat Daddy is a new movie about the struggle of military families" -- A live interview with the directors on the national news program, America's News HQ. Fox News, 5-15-11


"Leaving and Reintegration: Flat Daddy and the Story of Military Parents" -- Live interview with director Betsy Nagler, subject Marina Vance, and Professor Howard Markman of the University of Denver's Center for Marital and Family Studies, on the Nevada Public Radio program, KNPR's State of Nevada, 7-19-12

"Brian Kilmeade spoke with directors Nara Garber and Betsy Nagler about their documentary, Flat Daddy" -- A live interview on the nationally syndicated Fox News radio program, Kilmeade Friends, 11-8-11


"Veterans Day for a Child's Perspective: Flat Daddy now available," Baristanet, 11/11/12

"When Daddy is made of cardboard," The Boston Globe, 6/14/12

"Mon papa plat, ce héros" Le Monde, 12-31-11

AirForceTimes_FlatDaddy"DOC NYC, 2nd Edition: More is More," International Documentary Association, December 2011

"Film Festival Reviews, DOC NYC: Flat Daddy," Variety, 12-6-11

"DOC NYC: Nara Garber Betsy Nagler's Flat Daddy," Filmmaker Magazine: The Filmmaker Magazine Blog, 11-4-11

"Off Duty: Life-size cutouts are keeping families connected," Military Times, 4-28-11

"Planet Cardinal -- Flat Daddy: Life-size photos help reassure soldiers' children, and filmmakers explore the dimensions of their coping," Stanford Magazine, January/February 2011

"Filmmakers make documentary of Flat Daddies," Arrowhead Leader, 1-1-08

"Burgeoning Talent," Filmmaker Magazine, Fall 2008

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